Psalm IV: Den Sista Sorgen

by Lindsay Phillips



released October 1, 2015

All songs, performances, and recordings by Lindsay Phillips.
Written and recorded October 2013 - May 2015.
Mastered by Simon Grounds.
Album photography by Lindsay Phillips at S;t Petri kyrka, Malmö.

This album is dedicated to all of the compassionate souls drawing breath on this planet.



all rights reserved


Lindsay Phillips Sweden

Following on from his debut full-length VARNING, Australian born Lindsay Phillips' sophomore effort TAEDIUM VITAE was released in April 2012, and shortly thereafter, the sombre NECROPOLIS single. He now resides in Sweden, where Lindsay has self-recorded a third collection of dirges entitled SOLGUDEN and the follow-up, PSALM IV: DEN SISTA SORGEN. Album no.5, THE SLEEP SONG, available as of 06/20/17 ... more

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Track Name: Two Princes
Two princes
One for each arm
To catch and gather
To watch and wonder
To have and to hold through the night

Three days of splendour
Four nights so calm
In restful ardour
In wakeful slumber
To have and to hold for a time

Bright eyes are shining
Withholding light
Refracting diamonds
Deep in the iris
With lustre, they hold you to trial
Track Name: A Cross For All To Bear
When truth lies below
When hammer misses stone
When seed lays scattered on unbroken soil
And guilt cannot atone

When shadow draws the drapes
When famine drenches rain
When fires from heaven defy natural rule

A song to believe in remains
And a cross for all to bear
We relinquish our name
There's a cross for all to bear
And we seek in the depths of oceans wide
To believe...there's a cross that all must bear

When forest green is bare
When pity breeds despair
When funeral procession takes all from the grave
Track Name: You Have Only Your Name
You can tie the noose
You can take the reins
Carry forth scorched and charred remains
You can celebrate
You can saturate
Build and infiltrate
You have only your name

Send the fool a diamond
To sate his pains
Hunt the fox in hiding
For blood and game
You can desecrate
You can penetrate
Or asphyxiate
You have only your...

Name the liar, a false messiah
A savage dream in which the lost pariah
Will fall he fell ten times over
In his eyes the strain
There is but one way forward

You can tie the noose
You can take the reins
You can sleep at night 'spite the guilt and shame
You can celebrate
You can saturate
Build and infiltrate
You will dominate
Track Name: Remember This Night
We wind our way by the old canal
Indeed, the way is long
A gale blows up and a church bell chimes
And I wish that she were mine

As daylight fades on the afternoon
We break to drain our wine
Beckons me on as she clutches my hand
And I feel that I would die

She leads me into the light-less room
With praise for the victuals and praise for the moon
She kneels at the altar and takes up the knife
...says "remember this night"

I lay her down by the fireside
I show her how we breathe
Candlelight flickers, a breath of cold wind
Will I ever feel again?
I'll remember this night
Track Name: Ode To The Silence
Ode to the silence so deftly hewn
As firs slain in though they knew
So cold, so callous to render them nameless
Dream another day...of one that will deny you
Dream another day...of one that will decry you

O bride of the ocean, the sun and the moon
Engaged and embattled, the voice of truth
So long did suffer prey to the shameless

To sweep through the meadows
To weep at the scaffold
And may love and justice deny you
When all along you'd known that you were benign
Track Name: In Hiding
In wonder we watch the wall come tumbling down
And find a common ground in hiding
If ever the sirens should begin to wail
This creeping mist should veil

Our will to see
Our will to witness change
That all must die and live again

As ever the silence speaks in lonely rhyme
And beats in hollow time
And sighs its credo 'no remorse'
By year and day
Track Name: Mourning Of A Golden Age
We send our final letters home
And close our eyes
Our words as arrows and their mark
We hope will find

We take our fallen sons
And guide them through the rain
To lie in shallow graves
An omen and no name

We kneel in sight of all that glitters
Of all that is sold
We reach for heady heights unspoken
Heights untold

Cold rings and iron chains
Bite hard on limbs restrained
We mourn a golden age
With time empires must fail
Track Name: The Rainmaker's Call
So silently fall, shadows and leaves
The rainmakers call, both, harbours and frees
To the eyes alone night follows night
Watching the wheels, they grind you to bone

Through the passage of time and glory of old
To days of decline when the heartless grow bold
So we dream alone to stave off the pain
Watching the fire, it calls out your name

As you sing the old refrain
When the need is denied again and again
When hope turns to fear
To disdain
We don't care
After all
What remains

Blinded in day and deafened in dark
The eye turns away...hidden valley so far
For the ears alone, discerning the lie
Listen! the rider seeks you where you hide
Track Name: Psalm No.IV
In the name of all, we decree
For the sake of all, we decree
Every dream that we receive beneath the skies
Every grain that we are gifted, revives
Renewed in life
In our name
Every lie that may deceive, deceives with time
Every crust, we bequeath unto the child
Rich in life
Track Name: Den Sista Sorgen
You, the blazing fire
With your golden curls
Just a spark ignite you
Three graves, three sullen worlds
Great kings desired you
For their hearts were cold
Traded rings to trap you
Keep the warmth from all of this world

Sweet dreams of a golden sun
Keeps the night at bay 'til dawn
When we'll rise and weep
For an aging sun

With the full moon over
They returned the keys
Livid crowds had gathered
Bound their arms and clubbed their knees
Thus the kings were branded
Though, their crowns of old -
Others rose to bear them
Keep the warmth from all of this world